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Gradebook Overview

Last Updated: Jul 24, 2018 03:49PM PDT

Class Grades

This is where you go to view and grade assignments. Quantway instructors can grade manual items from PNLs/OCEs, and Statway instructors can access and view any student production from Lessons, Monitors, Reflects, and Checks.

Item Statistics

Here, you can search for any number of assignments. For each question, item statistics are displayed (number of correct, partially correct, and incorrect responses as well as success rate, p-value, d-value, p-biserial, and r-biserial).

Grade Reports

A Grade Report in Mobius is made up of Assignment Groups. You can define a grade report for your specified grading policy. For instance, you can group homework assignments and make them worth 30% of the overall grade, group quizzes (worth 30% of the grade), and make the final exam worth the remaining 40%. You could save this and publish it, allowing students to see their grade by your calculation (this would then populate the Grade Report option in the student-side gradebook).

Rubric tables

A Rubric Table is Mobius can be created and connected to any External Assignments. The table can then be seen by students so that the points scoring for such an assignment is transparent.

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