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Content Repository Overview

Last Updated: Jul 24, 2018 11:39AM PDT

The Content Repository is where all the content of your class lives. It is where you can go to hide/remove/edit content, set assignment start and end dates, in addition to updating/changing other Lesson and Assignment policies/properties.

Lessons & Assignments: Clicking this will list all lessons and assignments in your class. Note: Statway classes will have both Lessons and Assignments (Checks); Quantway classes only have Assignments (PNLs and OCEs). Clicking the name of a particular module will open up a column on the right containing all the components within that module.

Deleted Content: Click here to restore any mistakenly deleted content.

Clicking on a component name will open up a column on the right containing, for example, all the pages in that Lesson or all the questions in that Assignment.

In Mobius, all Lessons and Assignments are constructed from blocks of content. Statway lessons are built from pages, which themselves are built from text blocks and questions blocks. Statway Checks are built from question blocks, as are Quantway PNLs and OCEs.

Block Naming Convention
Offering_module/lesson_page number (for Statway)_HW or WB (for workbook content not yet built in Mobius)_component_location within component_item name/type.

For example:

QWCR_1.3_HW_PNL_04_Q4: This is question 4 of the 1.3 PNL from Quantway Core.
STP_3.1.1_HW_P1_04_TT1Q3: This is question 3 from Try These 1, which is the 4th item/block on page 1 of Statway Pathway lesson 3.1.1.


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