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Last Updated: Jul 26, 2019 12:45PM PDT

Customizing the online components of your Statway or Quantway section is done through the Content Repository in Möbius. Customizing the online components can either be done by the Facilitator in a Course Template before they create the course offering, or it can be done by faculty in their individual course sections after they put through course section requests. It can also be done at either or both stages. However, extensive customization is recommended to be done by a facilitator in a Course Template.

In the Content Repository, facilitators have further customization powers in the form of the ability to hide entire modules, edit assignment settings, re-arrange components, re-title components, edit/delete questions, and create your own assignments.

Customizing a Course Template is typically done for two reasons: 1. You want to make edits to the base content (e.g. setting specific assignment policies, moving modules around, editing/removing questions, creating clones of assignments for review), and 2. There are many faculty/sections running and you want to lighten the workload for faculty getting their individual sections set up by front-loading all the set-up work in a Course Template.

The following is recommended if a Facilitator and/or their Pathways faculty team are worried about the workload on individual instructors:

1. Facilitator and Pathways faculty team agree upon what content they want in the template, how it is organized, and the policies of assignments and lessons.
2. Facilitator select base template to customize, and implements all agreed-upon modifications. Once finalized, Facilitator creates the course offering that includes their customized Course Template.
3. Once the course offering has been created, course section request can be put through. The course section will be a copy of the Course Template.
4. Once a course section is active, given all the content has been set up appropriately in the Course Template, all the instructor has to do is set open and close dates/times for assignments. This can be done easily and swiftly using the new Class Scheduler.

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