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Last Updated: Sep 13, 2018 12:10AM PDT

Q: Under manual grading, is the comment box separate for each question? Answer: There is a single feedback/comment box for each question, multi-part or not.

Q: If the Facilitator does not hide a specific question or assignment, can an individual instructor do it later on? Answer: Yes. Pathways faculty members have the exact same customizing powers over the individual sections as Facilitators do (if they decide to customize). That means there are essentially two paths to customization, each with a different reasoning:
(less often) Facilitator customizes our base template before creating an offering and includes that template in their offering. A Facilitator may choose this route if there are many changes being made or to save their large Pathways faculty team time from having to do such themselves.
2. (more often) Facilitator creates the offering that includes our base template, and faculty customize themselves in their own individual section. Recommend for most.

Q. Since we have list access to all of the questions (in Content Repository), will it be possible to create our own assignments, such as reviews, using some of the questions?
Answer: Yes. One option would be to create clones of specific assignments, edit as you see fit, change their policies, and then house them in a separate module for students to access after the due dates. Another option would be just to create your own Assignment in Mobius and 1. Create your own questions, and/or 2. Pull in any questions from any of the OCEs/PNLs. I will have guides outlining these process. See the Heavy Customization guide on Help Center.

Q. If I decide to customize a template and I create a Grade Report, and then create my offering to include that template, will the Grade Reports save and then be visible in the course section requested from the offering?
Answer: Grade Reports will not transfer with templates, nor can they be exported and shared. It does, however, take a very short time to create a Grade Report.

Q. Student view?
Answer: You will be able to create a student account to verify student views and processes throughout the 3- to 4-week grace period, after which you will encounter the paywall.

Q. Bulk change Lesson/Assignment policies?
Answer: Not at this time, unfortunately. Many have broached such with DigitalEd/Mobius, who have it on their roadmap.

Q. OCE and PNL policies?
Answer: Given the manual-graded items in many OCEs and PNLs, we have to be careful with how we set the policies of such assignments. OCEs and PNLs could be set at 1 attempt. You can provide further attempts/extensions through Proctor Tools; what is happening here is that you are re-opening the assignment and providing an extension. This maintains just a single submission for each student, which keeps things clean and straightforward in the student gradebook. There may also be a way of setting multiple attempts at the assignment level, but then the instructor only actually fully grading the one with the highest score. See PNL/OCE Policies guide.

Q. If an FF customizes at the template level, can individual faculty still customize their section?
Answer: Yes. The same customization powers are available at both levels.

Q. Will the Social Justice lessons for Quantway be available in Mobius soon to use in setting up a campus template?
Answer: There is no plan at the moment, but depending on amount of interest over the next term or two, we might consider building such content into Mobius.

Q. Adding TAs and/or additional instructors?
Answer: TAs will be able to be added through the People tab on your Facilitator dashboard. See the Add TA or Additional Instructor guide.

Q. What is the lifespan of a customized template?
Answer: A customized template can be re-used through an academic year; that is, a template created for fall, could be used again in winter, spring, and summer. We release updated/improved base templates for each academic year, so a new customized template would have be created for a new academic year.

Q. Can we integrate Mobius into our institution LMS?
Answer: Not for the AY 2018/19, unfortunately. Our efforts up until this point have been concentrated on the integration between the Pathways Portal and Mobius, but developing LTI/SSO integration with Mobius into institution LMSs is on our roadmap over the next 12 months. Student data can, however, be pulled manually from Mobius and imported into your LMS, if need be.

Q. How do you set the number of times that a student can attempt each question before they submit the assignment. Also, in Canvas we had to change a setting if we did no want the student penalized for needing extra attempts. Does Mobius subtract points if a student needs more than one attempt at a question? If so, can we change that?
Answer: The in-assignment feedback function (How Did I Do?) will be able to be set in the Feedback (During) section of the Set Policies page. It does not carry a penalty.

Q. How can you delete a question in an PNL or OCE?
Answer: You can only delete questions from cloned content. Please refer to the Heavy Customization guide.

Q. Should external assignments that were in the course template still be there? Answer: External assignments do not transfer with templates (nor do Grade Reports), unfortunately. The reason being that typically these are things decided upon by individual faculty. Things that do transfer: authored content, hiding/showing components, cloned components, re-arranged components, Lesson and Assignment policy changes.

Q. Can you change point values on individual problems before students begin an assignment?
Answer: This type of change falls under Heavy Customization.

Q. On the the policies page should we change the feedback after to “always” provided we have set a due date in the general policies scheduling and visibility section under restrict feedback until?
Answer: That’s right. Even if Always is selected in Feedback (After), it is controlled by the date entered in Restrict Feedback Until.

Q. The total point values for individual PNL’s and OCE’s look quite different than they used to…any information that summarizes the changes?
Answer: The default points for each answer in iMathAS was 5 points (I don’t know why); in Mobius, these have been attributed with a more sensible 1 point.

Q. Will this software allow us to keep track of attendance the way the Canvas one did?
Answer: You can generate a typical gradebook view in Mobius that will show student interaction with the components in you class, which may be an indicator of who has launched into the class or not. There is no log of student logins.

Q. When choosing the assignments in creating a “group” within my course grade report, there are multiple copies of many (if not all) of the PNL and OCE assignments (I’m not referring to the contextualized options…I can see they have a “C” on them). Is it going to matter which one I pick, or are they the same?
Answer: Contextualized OCEs and PNLs are available to folks to use as substitutes to the regular OCEs and PNLs. If you have hidden a regular OCE/PNL and are instead using a Contextualized version, then you should include in the assignment group the assignment that students will actually do. This is something to keep in mind if your clone content into your class. If you change the cloned assignment to anonymous practice assignment types, they will not show in the gradebook. But, it may be good practice to rename the cloned assignment so they can be easily distinguished.

Q. Is there updated version of the handout that looks like this?
Answer: Students that already have Pathways account can log in to the new Portal (at and enroll in the class (as before). New students (that is, those without Pathways accounts) will be going to also. They will enter their name, email, and the enroll code, and then upon confirming their email, they will be automatically enrolled in the class and be able to launch into it from their Pathways account. Please refer to the following Student Handout guide.

Q: Also, what happens when a student submits an assignment late? In Canvas the score still showed, but there was some kind of indicator that showed it was submitted late. How will Mobius handle this in the gradebook?
Answer: Students cannot submit an assignment late. If you use due dates, the student cannot submit after the date/time set.

Q: When I allow the “How Did I Do?” feature, does the number of times the student can use this also dictate the # of a times a student can resubmit an answer? Example: I’m trying to make it so a student can answer any given problem twice. I’ve checked “Allow students to resubmit” and I’ve also designated 2 uses of How Did I Do? Will this do the trick? Or can students continue to resubmit answers (even though they wouldn’t be able to check them).
Answer: If you have HDID? enabled and maximum uses set at 2, this means the student can check their answer to a question twice. The resubmit option is only really applicable when questions are separated across several pages (we have all questions on a single page), and controls whether or not students can go back and change answers.

Q: Are any hints already in Mobius for any of the SW Checks? Also, in terms of feedback, in Canvas, the Checks always had great feedback for every question; I’m wondering if this carried over into Mobius.
Answer: There are no Hints as default.  You can create hints for questions in cloned content. The SW Check feedback is in Möbius, yes.

Q. Any word on when/whether the Answer Entry Tutorial assignment or the opening surveys will appear (Quantway)?
Answer: Coming soon.

Q. Where do student see and launch into Surveys?
Answer: Surveys will appear to students in their Pathways Portal accounts (not in Möbius).

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