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Customizing a Course Template

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2019 12:49PM PDT
Hello Pathways Facilitators!

After selecting to customize a base template in the Portal, and you click to Edit Content, you will launch into the template course in Möbius. All customization will take place within the Content Repository. The content you see belongs to the template, so you have more control over it.

It is recommended that you customize a course template to minimize the amount of set-up work required by individual instructors when they get their course sections.

The following is recommended if a Facilitator and/or their Pathways faculty team are worried about the workload on individual instructors:

1. Facilitator and Pathways faculty team agree upon what content they want in the template, how it is organized, and the policies of assignments and lessons.
2. Facilitator select base template to customize, and implements all agreed-upon modifications. Once finalized, Facilitator creates the course offering that includes their customized Course Template.
3. Once the course offering has been created, course section request can be put through. The course section will be a copy of the Course Template.
4. Once a course section is active, given all the content has been set up appropriately in the Course Template, all the instructor has to do is set open and close dates/times for assignments. This can be done easily and swiftly using the new Class Scheduler.

Hiding Components

1. In the Content Repository,
click the module name, the assignment name, and then the Hide button. Refresh the page. If you hover over the eye icon beneath the assignment name, you will see that it is Hidden. This means that it is not visible on the front of the class, where students see.

2. If you want to hide an entire module, first select the check box at the top beside the module name and then click the Hide button.

Note: You can also hide things in the Set Policies tab for an assignment. Disable Visible (Master).

Change or set assignment policies

1. Click on the Edit button for a particular assignment.

2. Click on the Set Policies (or Properties, if a Statway Lesson component). This takes you into the Policies page for the selected assignment. More more information about policies, please read an in-depth guide to Set Policies.
Create your own assignments

1. You can also create your own assignments that use either your own authored questions or pull in questions that have been used elsewhere in the associated course content. Please refer to this Authoring Guide for details.

Making cloned assignments for review

1. After cloning the necessary content (cloned versions of individual assignments go into the Default Unit folder; if you clone an entire module, a new module folder will be generated. Be sure to update the name of the new cloned module folder), we need to first Hide the cloned components so that students cannot see/access until after they have submitted the original (graded) assignment. Next, we need to change the Assignment Type to Anonymous Practice in the cloned version of the assignment, and add something to the name of the assignment for differentiation purposes (e.g. QW Core 1.5 OCE For Review).

2. When the due date is past for the inherited/shared assignments, and all students have submitted, you can unhide/show the corresponding cloned assignment, and with its policies of Anonymous Practice, students can go into the cloned assignments as many times as they want, without any production being recorded in the gradebook.

Deleting questions

1. In the Content Repository, click the name of the module which contains the assignment you want to alter. Click the assignment name, and then the Edit button.
2. Click the Select Questions tab.
3. Click the question on the left list that you want to delete, and then click the trashcan icon.

Reminder! After you have made all the necessary customization, be sure to go back to the Course Templates tab in your Facilitator Dashboard and Finalize the template. After finalizing, you'll be able to use your custom template to create your offering.


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