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[NEW] Give Grade to Non-Attempt/Offline Assignment

Last Updated: Jul 10, 2019 08:44AM PDT
The following steps outline the process of giving a grade to an assignment that has not been attempted by a student; that is, the student has not started the assignment. This process can also be used to manually input a grade for an assignment that a student has completed on paper.

The ability to manually give a grade in this way allows you to set things up in your Grade Report to allow students to see their current grade. When creating your Assignment Groups for your Grade Report, you can set Non-Attempts to Ignore, and then manually input an overall grade for any non-attempted assignment(s) in Class Grades as and when necessary, and then the Grade Report will display up-to-date student grades for completed assignments.

1. In your Möbius class, go to Gradebook>Class Grades.

2. Select the assignment(s) for which you want to manually add a grade for and then click Search at the bottom.

3. Single click the - (dash) in the Grade column for the student/assignment you wish to manually enter a grade for.

Important: Only single click the cell. If you double-click, the system will generate a 0 grade for the assignment from the first click, and then display a message
"There is already an existing test record for that student. A new record was not created." If this happens, click Search again to refresh the page. You should see the 0* in the cell.

Note: Grades annotated with an asterisk (*) indicate grades that have been manually entered in the way detailed in this guide. Grades without an asterisk (*) indicate that the student has submitted the assignment in the usual way in Möbius.

4. Click the Edit Overall Grade button.

Note: Once you land on this page, a grade of zero is generated for this assignment automatically. That is, once you click into a dashed cell, the system will by default give the student a zero grade for the assignment. This effectively negates steps 5 and 6 below if you intend to give a zero to a particular student's non-attempted assignment, as it will happen automatically.

5. Manually enter the student grade for this assignment, and then click the Save Grade button. This grade is now established in the Möbius Gradebook and will be annotated with an asterisk (*) when in Class Grades.

Note: If, after manually entering a grade in the way shown above, you need to remove the grade, use the Delete Record button on the left. This will revert the assignment to non-attempted.

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