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[NEW] Bulk Date & Time Setting (Class Scheduler)

Last Updated: Jul 10, 2019 08:43AM PDT

The Class Scheduler in Möbius allows you to quickly apply open and/or close dates and times to assignments en masse.

Step 1
On your Möbius class homepage, click the Edit Class Schedule button in the Class Details section at the top of the page.

Step 2
The Class Scheduler page will list all components in each module in your course. To quickly set open and close times, you first have to select the components to which you want your time settings to apply.

You can select all components within a module by clicking on the module box on the left:

Alternatively, you can select a subgroup of components by holding down the cmd key (on a Mac)/shift+alt (in Windows) and clicking the components you wish to be included.

Step 3
Next, if you right-click on the highlighted components (orange), you'll be able to set the open and close times, and then click the Set Times button. Doing so applies the chosen open and close times to all selected components.

Step 4
With all your open and close times set, you can now quickly click+drag each component to set its open and close dates. To do so, click on either end of the horizontal bar and move until the desired open or close date displays:

Note: Your time and date settings save automatically. If you need to extend a close date or time for an assignment for the entire class, you can do so quickly in the Class Scheduler.

Note 2: This is a new feature in Möbius, and is still being refined. Please forward any feedback or comments on to


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