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QW: Grade Manual Items

Last Updated: Jul 10, 2019 08:50AM PDT

Essay questions are not automatically graded by Mobius. No answers (or feedback) are immediately available to students upon submitting an assignment that contains essay questions. When a student submits an assignment that contains essay responses, instructors can assign a grade and provide feedback in the Gradebook. 

View a list of Quantway Core manual grade questions.
View a list of Quantway College manual grade questions.


Step 1

Click on Gradebook and then Class Grades from the top menu bar. In Class Grades, we can search for the results of specified assignments.


Step 2

Select the assignment or lesson that you want to grade (see 1). For this example, I have chosen QW Core 1.4 OCE. To display student submissions for the specified assignment, in the Filter Results section, under Progress, select To Be Reviewed (see 2) and click Search (see 3). Note: Make sure All students is selected in the List drop down.


Step 3

On the screen, you will now see the list of student submissions for the assignment in question, along with current grades. Clicking on the assignment name (in this case, QW Core 1.4 OCE) will display the current points for each assignment question for each student submission.


Step 4

Hovering your cursor over the question number (e.g. Q2) will display the question’s file name, from which you can determine questions that contain items requiring manual grading. Note: Such questions may also be able to be identified by simply noting the preponderance of zeroes for a particular question.

Click the question (e.g. Q2) to display all student essay responses for this question.


Step 5

Grading individual responses: Student names will be displayed down the left (see 1). Student responses for a particular essay question will be highlighted with a yellow box (see 2) to indicate that it requires to be graded. To grade, click to edit the Grade box (see 3), enter the grade, and click the Save icon. To provide feedback, click the speech bubble icon on the left, enter any question feedback in the Comment box (see 4), and click the Save icon.

When all items that required manual grading have been graded, you’ll see a check mark beside Fully Graded.

In multipart questions, you can override the grades in section at the top right of the question.

Note on Override Grading: Any override grade entered here will completely override any question/question part grading. If you override partial grades then students will not see a breakdown of what they got correct/incorrect. This is because with a grade override, there is no way for the system to know how the points spread.

Additionally, note that the Comment on Grade box here is internal only; that is, students will not see anything entered here. Student comments must be entered in the speech bubble icon.

Override grading essay responses: If you read through all student submissions and determine that all should receive the same points, you can select all and assign points in bulk. Click the box at the top left to select all student responses. This field functions on a ratio to the total grade (that is, enter 1 to give 100%, enter .5 to give 50%, etc), click Update Grades. Click Save Question Grades. Using override grading is quicker than individually grading questions/questions parts, but it results in the the questions/question parts having no indication of points.

Alternatively, you can group student responses by clicking the check box beside each student’s name, and assigning a number of points to only that group.


Student View

Student View Grades and Comments: The images below show how students access their grades in Möbius, and where instructor feedback and/or comments surfaces on the student side.

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