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Create Assignment Groups and Grade Reports

Last Updated: Nov 08, 2018 01:26PM PST

A Grade Report in Mobius is created by putting assignments into groups and defining the weighting for each group. For instance, you could group OCE & PNL assignments (Or Checks) and make that group worth 30% of the overall grade, group Module Checkpoints and make that group worth 30% of the overall grade, and make the Summative Assessment the remaining 40%. Publishing the Grade Report allows student to see their overall grade by your calculations.

Step 1

On your class homepage, go to Gradebook and select Grade Report.


Step 2

Click on New at the bottom of the screen.


Step 3

Enter the name of your grade report (use a short, simple name) and then click Add Group. (Note: The Visible check box is where you would indicate whether or not you want the grade report visible for students). The example below is for a Grade Report for overall grades; that is, the report will contain all assignment groups that make up the overall grade, with each assignment group's weighting indicated.


Step 4

Now, this is where we create our first assignment group for inclusion in this report. This example shows the creation of an assignment group of all OCEs and PNLs.

Enter the name of the assignment group in Group Name (e.g. OCEs/PNLs). From the list of Available Lessons and Assignments in your class, select the assignments and/or lessons to be included in the group (e.g. all OCEs and PNLs, or all Checks). Specify the weight that this group should have in the overall grade computation (e.g. 20% of overall grade). If desired, adjust any additional settings. Click Save.


Step 5

Repeat Step 4 with other Assignment Groups that will make up the overall/final grade. You will not be able to save a Grade Report until assignment groups weighting sums 100%.

When all assignment groups have been added, your Grade Report is done. To check everything looks good, click on Gradebook and select Grade Report. Select the grade report and click Load from the bottom of the screen.

The Grade Report will look something like:

Note: When you go in and Load your Grade Report, in the Filter Results section you can select to show All, Completed, In Progress, To Be Reviewed grades. It is important to note that when a student views the Grade Report, the grade that they see is based off Completed assignments; that is, assignments that have been fully graded.

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